The meteo is sited on the Aldersbrook Estate and uploads data to the web every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day
The meteo is sited on the Aldersbrook Estate and uploads data to the web every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day

WansteadMeteo is a blog about weather that affects Wanstead and the surrounding areas of east London and west Essex – an attempt to share my passion for meteorology.

I’ve been interested in weather ever since I can remember. An endless fascination probably prompted by frequent spring and autumnal gales at the end of the 1970s. I remember playing in wide open fields with friends, all of us speculating how strong the wind would have to be for us to take off. Weather in the 1980s only seemed to galvinise my fascination – notably cold winters with decent snowfall, warm summers interspersed with washout summers, spectacular summer lightning storms – no two seasons were ever the same.

As I progressed into secondary school my geography teacher helped to bring the subject alive still further – it is still the only time that I managed a mark of 10 +3 out of 10! And still the interesting weather kept coming – the coldest February ever of 1986, the coldest January day during a severe spell in January 1987 which led to the closure of my school for a week.

At that time, in my mind, extreme weather often seemed to be the catalyst for other disastrous events in the news. The Great Storm of October 1987 which I can remember like it was yesterday was, three days later, followed by Black Monday when stock markets around the world crashed.

The ultra mild winters of 1988/89 and 1989/90 were caused chiefly by a persistent low pressure anchored over Iceland which led to seemingly non-stop south-westerlies – a disaster for the Scottish skiing industry and anyone who loves snow. The main cause was the jet stream being locked in a position north of the UK – the polar opposite of what happened the winter just gone.

I have kept a continuous diary weather records, with a few gaps, since the late 1980s. The station has moved a few times within the area in that period and is currently set up on the Aldersbrook estate.
It uploads to the web every 10 minutes, 24 hrs a day. You can find it at wansteadweather.co.uk
Weather tweets are also posted. Follow @wanstead_meteo


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Wanstead Meteo. I’m on the Committee of the Friends of Wanstead Parklands. You are clearly familiar with the Park. The rate of drop of water level in the four park lakes is alarming and it’s still quite early in the year. Do you have an opinion on this exceptional fall. It’s possible at the current rate the islands in the Ornamental Waters will be reachable on foot.

    You probably know the City of London commissioned a hydrology survey of the lake system in 2013? There was a small weather station in the gardens of the Temple. This was supposed to collect information to estimate transpiration and evaporation but nobody was recording the data. Lack of local data has meant that calculation of high summertime losses is very inaccurate.

    Has anybody approached you for your obvious expert opinion or the use of your data? .
    The Friends are campaigning for the restoration of the four lakes in the Park. The hydrology report I hear is suggesting that without substantial pumping of water from underground aquifers the lakes face being filled in.
    I would like to meet you for a chat or perhaps by regular email. I hope this reaches you.


  2. Hi Wanstead meteo

    I wonder if you could help provide some data on the big storm at the beginning of January this year?


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