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Record low pressure of February 25th 1989

The low pressure system that brought widespread rain and snow on Wednesday reminded me of another event where very low atmospheric pressure helped many low-lying areas experience heavy snowfall.

The unusually deep depression ran along the Channel on February 25th 1989.  Its central pressure of 948mb has been unequalled over southern England since, the value was some 13mb below the lowest on record at the Kew observatory.

Though temperatures reached around 6C in the morning they fell away as the day progressed. This and falling pressure helped turn the rain to snow.  Accumulations were fairly wet in the London area but further north over East Anglia some notable falls were recorded.


MetO 25021989
Courtesy of the Met Office

GFS 25021989

summary 25021989
Courtesy of the Met Office
summary2 25021989
Courtesy of the Met Office