Landing at Skiathos island

I took this short video during approach and landing at Alexandros Papadiamantis airport, Skiathos, in August 2016.

As you can see the weather was sunny, around 32C with light winds. Because of the short runway if the weather is less than perfect airliners sometimes get diverted to the mainland, necessitating a ferry crossing – though, in four years of visiting, I’ve only had one unscheduled stop on departure – if the plane is full the aircraft can only be partly filled with fuel.

The spectacle of jets landing has also become a must do for tourists who stand at the end of the runway waiting to get blasted during close encounters with landing aircraft.

It’s a beautiful island in the Sporades and was where, along with Skopelos, provided the backdrop to the film Mamma Mia! Because it is very green I’ve found it doesn’t get overly hot like other parts of Greece.

Indeed, in all the years we’ve visited there has always been one stormy day before the weather clears again.



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