Wanstead Weather – December 2013

Trees in fog by WansteadMeteo
The beginning of the month started with lots of calm, quiet weather with fog and night frosts. A high pressure inversion so not a proper ‘cold spell’

December was warmer than average with a mean temperature of 6.5C (0.9C above the 30-year average) – ranking it 33rd in the series since 1881. Rainfall of 81.9mm was 154% of average – ranking it 22nd in the series.

The month was 1C warmer than last December – with 84% of the rain that fell in December 2012.

Despite it ‘feeling’ like it has been the stormiest December for some years this month was not as windy as December 2012. To illustrate this the ‘wind run’ for this month (the number of revolutions of the anemometer) was 2408.7 miles. Last December was 2654.5 miles, in other words last December was 10% more windy.

Air frosts: 4

Ground frosts: 11

Thunder: 1

Small hail: 1

MetDesk rain radar for 23rd
The rain on the evening of the 23rd was heaviest to the south and west of us – with 75mm in the Warlingham area of Surrey. Flooding and high winds caused hundreds of thousands of power outs in Sussex and Kent

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